Group of people meditating in a yoga classYoga for Weddings Events 
Bachelorette Parties
Bridal Showers
Wedding Day/Week Classes

All classes include yoga poses, meditation and breathing exercises. They can be customized to meet your requests. Choose from an active power yoga/flowing vinyasa style, or a relaxing restorative/yoga therapy style, or a class that incorporates a mixture of both styles.

Yoga for Weddings – Officiated Wedding Ceremony: 
Hire an Officiated Yoga for Weddings teacher to conduct your actual wedding ceremony! You can incorporate yoga, fun and meaningful spiritual themes into the ceremony itself.

Destination Yoga Wedding Travel Packages:
Want to plan a destination yoga-themed wedding adventure for your family and guests at your favorite exotic location? We partner with international wedding event planners to help you fulfill all of your dreams on your big day!!

Wedding Planning Stage Yoga Classes:
Bride, Groom, Bride & Groom, Parents, In-Laws, Siblings, Groom & Dad, Bride & Mom, Bride & Sibling, Groom & Mom, and Family.

Day/Week of the Actual Wedding Event Classes:
Bride, Groom, Bride & Groom, Parents, In-Laws, Bridal Party, Bachelorette Party, Siblings, Groom & Dad, Bride & Mom, Bride & Siblings, Groom & Mom, Family, Wedding Guests, and Kiddie.

After the Wedding Is Over Yoga Classes:
Post-Honeymoon Maintenance Package, Nuptial Renewal, Anniversary
Please note: Yoga for Weddings Classes, Class Packages and Events are non-refundable, but may be extended, transferred or rescheduled due to extenuating circumstances.

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