Jennifer Garrett-Anderson, Photographer

The days prior to your wedding, especially the day of, can be so stressful. I was so fortunate to have my yoga teacher there. The setting was beautiful, and we invited everyone to join, thinking it would be but a few stragglers, yet the class was packed. Lisa transported us to what felt to be a spa, professional and skilled. I felt as though I was on one of those getaways, where only the best instructors are out in the middle of nowhere – to help guide you through a peaceful and relaxing class. It was wonderful and made my wedding day one of bliss physically and spiritually. Thank you, Lisa for making my day that much better and relaxed.


Tami Hafzalla, Yoga Teacher

It was a pleasure to have Lisa Helfer teach yoga the morning of my wedding. Her bright enthusiasm was a gift to all. She taught a class suitable for all levels which inspired people who have never done yoga before to give it a try. My uncle and father had such a fabulous time participating. She made everyone comfortable and relaxed the morning of a big life transition. I would recommend Yoga for Weddings to any bride!


Lisa R., New York City

I work full-time and lead a very busy life in New York. I wasn’t sure how I would manage planning my wedding, let alone find the time to get into shape for my big day! In the past, I had tried a number of different exercise routines, but this time I wanted something different than the same old routine. I read about Yoga for Weddings’ programs in New York Magazine and decided to give it a try. The Yoga for Brides-to-Be Program not only guaranteed that I would get in great shape in time for the big day, but that I would learn mind/body balancing techniques to reduce my stress levels during this important passage of my life. Yoga for Weddings founder, Lisa Helfer Elghazi designed a six-month program for me. The very next week, I met with Yoga for Weddings instructor, Nityda Coleman for private yoga lessons three times a week before work at 6:30 a.m. I can honestly say that after six months of working with Nityda, I noticed dramatic transformations in my body and my life. I got in the best shape I’ve ever been in and now have a lot more energy thanks to yoga! I never knew that yoga could change my body as it has. My actual wedding was amazing, I feel I owe this in part to the relaxation and meditation techniques I learned from Nityda. Another wonderful thing about the Yoga for Brides-to-Be Program is that I can take the skills I learned off the yoga mat and into my everyday life.


Aurora Queen, Producer

Amid the craziness and chaos of a typical wedding weekend morning, Lisa gracefully created a space of unity and relaxation for all our guests in her Yoga class. Building community at our wedding was central to both me and my husband and Lisa helped with this tremendously by bringing together family and friends to form a foundation for the rest of the day to grow. Everyone who participated commented on how great it was to be able to be a part of Lisa’s Yoga class that morning. I loved having her be an integral part of our wedding, her positive energy radiates.

Mark Allen Ament, Inspirational Author, Speaker and Artist 

When Lisa first sent me the link to her project “Yoga For Weddings” I thought, “That’s a great way to get people together and create an open, connected and relaxed vibration for that special day.” It seems to me that Lisa is the perfect teacher to create an unforgettable yoga experience for you and your guests. Her natural creativity and her fine attention to detail shine through her classes. Having studied alongside her as well as taken several of her classes, I can give Lisa my highest personal recommendation.


Greg Anderson, President and Owner Southern Lord Records

The idea of a yoga class the morning of our wedding at first seemed absurd. Absurd as the attendees of this wedding were hard partying, hell raisers….However come 10 AM wedding morn’ all be damned if that Yoga class wasn’t packed! Standing or: “Downward facing dog” room only! Lisa’s calm, soothing demeanor and direction totally relaxed and invigorated the packed, attentive gathering. Her technique as well as the way she shared it was crucial to helping everyone involved become relaxed, focused and positive.