cynthia yoga on the rock

“Both yoga and a relationship require dedication, reflection, balance and an open heart. Both leave you with a sense of peace, joy, contentment and, from the openness in the heart, unconditional love.”
~ Cynthia Latimer RYT

Cynthia realized the power that yoga had the minute she stepped onto a mat. Intrigued by the teachings and the beauty of the practice she did her first teacher training at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale Pennsylvania. She works continuously with her most valued teacher from the institute to put the lessons of yoga into practice in her daily life; themes she incorporates in all her classes.

In the beginning of 2007, Cynthia finished her second training at Moksha Yoga Center Chicago. She currently teaches full time in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Cynthia has had the wonderful fortune of studying with teachers from all over the world but has been greatly influenced by; Pandit Jerome Smith, Ana Forrest, Tias Little, Gabriel Halpern, Sandy Anderson, Rolf Solvic, Daren Friesen, and Sean Corn. Her classes are influenced by Iyengar, Anusara and Vinyasa styles of yoga, leaving her students feeling rejuvenated and centered, and in that presence, finding the strength to let go of what is no longer needed and discover the personal power and grace that we all possess.