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“The practice of yoga helps us experience inherent union, and building it into your wedding can help you return the focus to the deep meaning of your union, rather than the externals of wedding planning or anything else.”
~ Julia Mannes

Julia Mannes is a certified yoga instructor who teaches breath-centered, rigorous flow classes, as well as the family-centered practices of couples, prenatal, and parent / baby yoga. Julia trained with Dana Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, Jyothi Larson at Integral Yoga Institute, and teachers J. Brown and Sasha Slocombe in Brooklyn. Julia also received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at Vassar College.

Her down-to-earth lessons emphasize alignment, curiosity, and creativity. She believes yoga can help us look beyond externals to find what we seek in life from the inside out. She is quite comfortable teaching at both secular and religious events, and has experience weaving Jewish themes into her classes. She is particularly adept at helping students recognize the symbols of support and love they already find familiar, and weaving them into a theme for their wedding.